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Dirty Lemons In Tea

Food Safety News Video: Check out how safe the lemons in your iced tea and water are.

Dirty Salads

Food Safety News Video: And you thought salads were healthy?

Food Safety Production IssuesFood Safety Featured Video: A review of sources of contamination of your food through production and processing.

Amazing Health Department InspectionsFood Safety Video: You won't believe the things health department inspectors see in kitchens!

Food Borne Illness From Ice MachineFood Safety News Video: You can get sick from something you drink! A first hand account of getting sick in a restaurant.

Rat's taking over a bakeryFood Safety Amateur Video: Rats sampling bakery items while the location is closed. (This is an amateur video.)

OnLine Restaurant InspectionsFood Safety News Video: Checking out a restaurant's health inspection report can pay off for you as the customer.

Fit Vegetable Wash

Food Safety News Video: Learn how effective vegetable washes are compared to water.

Spinach Outbreak Video

Food Safety Featured Video: Spinach outbreak video explaining the e-coli contamination.

Great Restaurant Food Safety

Food Safety News Video: A great restaurant featured on the news.

Rats In KFC

Food Safety News Video: Did you miss the classic video of the rats taking over the KFC/Taco Bell in New York City? Here it is!