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Food safety in the home is important to keeping you and your family out of the doctor's office. Understanding and applying these basic principles will help you keep your food safe and your family healthy!

Food Safety Shopping

Start with shopping... click here for Food Safety at Home: Shopping! Learn how to watch for food safety issues at the grocery store!

Food Safety Storage

Next, let's put it all away in the refrigerator... click here.

Food Safety At Home Preparation

Now, make the recipe... for food preparation safety, click here.

Food Safety At Home Cooking

Cooking is one way that food becomes safe to eat... so click here.

Food Safety At Home Leftovers

How should you handle leftovers? Or did you order take-out from your favorite restaurant? Click here.

Food Safety At Home Picnics and Potluck

Hosting or attending a picnic or BBQ? Discover tips to keep you from paying a visit to the emergency room after the day is over!

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To learn more about how the health department keeps an eye on your safety in restaurants, click here.