Food Safety You Need to Know
in Everyday Life!

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How SAFE is your FOOD?

You have to eat… your children have to eat…
…and both you and your children might eat something that could send you to the hospital – or worse yet, the morgue.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 75 million people in the United States become sick each year from something they eat… 300,000 of them check into the hospital… and 5,000 of them die.

You MUST understand and know about food safety in your home, restaurant, or grocery store and what issues can make you or your family very sick!

SPECIAL REPORT: Organics Food Safety Debate

Child eating Strawberries
Ever think about the food you eat in your favorite restaurant? Ever think about the people preparing that food? Ever wonder if the food you cook in your own kitchen or on your own grill could make you or your family sick?

I work with restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores to improve and maintain their food safety. Often I’m asked, “What should I look for so I’ll know my food and my children’s food is safe?”

For food to help you and not hurt you, it must be handled properly. How do you know you’re doing that? How can you be sure others are?

Welcome to Our desire is to teach you how to ensure that your family will stay healthy at the dinner table… or at the drive-in. Food safety is not only about trusting your restaurants to do the right thing; food safety is about knowing what signs to look for that could be dangerous.

Here's Stuff To Check Out!

Riskiest Foods You Don't Know!
When you think of food poisoning, you think of chicken or beef, right? You might need to open your mind to the top 10 Riskiest Foods that causes 40% of all food borne illness outbreaks.
Food Safety Basics and Theories
Food safety basics which can keep you and your family from becoming sick.
Intro To Home Food Safety
Home food safety starts with understanding basic food safety principles, coupled with details about specific events.
History of Food Safety
History of Food Safety: The desire to make our food last longer and keep better stems back before Biblical times!
Food Borne Illness... How Do I Get It?
Food Borne Illness can effect you both physically and emotionally. Learn how to we can become sick from our food.
Food Spoilage... how it spoils...
Food Spoilage: Learn the basics of how food spoils and can make you sick!
Restaurant Inspections
Every state in the U.S. the health department has a system of restaurant inspections; find out what they do and what's in it for you.
Restaurant Food Safety
Learn what restaurant food safety warning signs you need to be aware of in the restaurants you frequent.
Grocery Store Food Safety
Grocery store food safety starts with the managers and employees in the store, but your observations can help you make a good decision if you should be shopping there.
Country Of Origin
Country of Origin labeling can help you, the consumer, discover where your food came from, making it easier to make a smart decision.
The Organic Debate
Looking at the Organic Debate
Food Network Review
Food Network is NOT the network to watch if you want to learn how to handle food safely at home.
Is H1N1 (Swine Flu) A Food Borne Illness?
I’ve been asked by several people if H1N1, also known as "Swine Flu", is actually caused by pigs and is thus a food borne illness?
Food Safety Alert: Chicken
A study by Consumer Reports reported that of 382 grocery store-bought chicken tested, two-thirds of them contained germs...
Turkey Food Safety
Turkey Food Safety: keeping your guests from becoming sick during your Thanksgiving or Holiday feast
Easter Egg Safety
Easter Egg Safety: Knowing how to handle your Easter Egg Dying is important to keep from getting sick!
Food Safety Videos
Watch food safety videos and new's coverage, that may shock you, scare you, and may even teach you about your food!
Nightmare Food Illness Stories
Real food poisoning stories from real people...
Food Safety Nightmares
Share Your Food Safety Nightmare! We want to hear your food borne illness story!
Everyday Food Safety Blog
Every day you have to worry about the safety of your food... learning and keeping up to date on the current news and articles on food safety can give you the firepower to keep your food safe...
Food Safety Store
Our on-line store for unique and recommended products
Ask Your Question
Contact with your question about safe food, health departments, or red flags!
Hand Washing
Proper hand washing is one of the most important part of food safety, both in the home and in the restaurants. However, it is often one of the most important thing that we forget about!
On Line Restaurant Inspections
See how on line health department reporting has made an impact. Do your research on the locations you frequent!
Food Safety At The Buffet
Eating in a buffet restaurant food safety "red flags" should still be on your mind when you fill up your plate.
Food Safety Full Service Restaurant
Never take food safety for granted just because you are at a sit-down restaurant. You can be ill from anything that you eat, from any restaurant.
Food Safety Quick Service Restaurant
Learn what food safety warning signs you need to be aware of in quick service (fast food) restaurant's you frequent.
Sliced Melon Food Safety
Food safety with sliced melons is not something that the average person thinks about (it’s a fruit, not chicken, right?), but understanding how they’re able to make you sick.
Wash Produce Correctly
Raw produce is not ready-to-eat produce! Before using it, you need to wash produce, fruits, vegetables, lettuces, properly.
Food Safety Shopping
Food safety at your house starts with your selections when food shopping at the grocery store, the farmers’ market, or on the phone calling for delivery.
Cooking Food Safety
Often times, we take cooking food safety for granted; however, failing to cook food properly can result in a trip to the hospital!
Leafy Greens Food Safety
Leafy Greens: 363 outbreaks (an outbreak is two or more persons becoming ill from the same product), over 13,000 illnesses reported.
Egg Food Safety
Egg: 352 outbreaks, over 11,000 illnesses reported.
Tuna Food Safety
Tuna: 268 outbreaks, over 2,000 illnesses reported
Oyster Food Safety
Oysters: 132 outbreaks, over 3000 illnesses reported.
Potato Food Safety
Potato… 108 outbreaks, over 3,600 illnesses reported.
Cheese Food Safety
Cheese: 83 outbreaks, over 2,700 illnesses reported.
Ice Cream Food Safety
Ice Cream: 74 outbreaks, over 2,500 illnesses reported.
Tomato Food Safety
Tomato: 31 outbreaks, over 3,000 illnesses reported.
Sprouts Food Safety
Sprouts: 31 outbreaks, over 2,000 illnesses reported.
Berries Food Safety
Berries: 25 outbreaks, over 3,300 illnesses reported.
Our recommendation for a food thermometer...
E-coli Food Safety
E-coli food poisoning can be life-threatening to some people, but there are high risks for everyone.
Food Poisoning High Risk Individuals
When it comes to food poisoning , high risk individuals should be carefully considered.
Salmonella has found its way into the news to the point where some people call it the number one food borne illness in the United States.
Norovirus has a simple cause: poor hand washing and personal hygiene by food-handling employees. Spread by person-to-person contact, it has created outbreaks on cruise ships and hospitals worldwide.
Pest Alert: Roaches
Roaches are insects that have one purpose in life; find food and water; and your food and water is fine with them!
Pest Alert: Fly away, Flies
Enterprising little flies go after anything it can get, including food, feces and garbage.
Pest Alert: Mouse, Mice, & Rats
Mice, rats, and other rodents are looking for two things: a place to live and food to eat. If you give them both, they will enjoy living in your home or building.
Safe Food Temperatures
Knowing safe food temperatures is one of the key's to keeping your food safe.
Organic Food Advantages
Understanding some of the organic food advantages can help you make a wise and safe choice
Organics vs. Conventional Foods
Understanding the difference between organics and conventional food isn't that hard.
Organic Certification
Have you ever wondered what the organic certification labels on your organic foods mean?
Contribute to Food Safety
Would you like to share your knowledge about food safety? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.