Ice Cream

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Ice Cream Food Posioning
#7: Ice Cream…

74 outbreaks, over 2,500 illnesses reported.

It’s too bad! This tasty treat can bring with it some dangers, like Salmonella and Staphylococcus. The largest outbreak of ice cream illness was caused by a truck that carried a load of unpasteurized dairy products, and subsequently a load of pasteurized dairy products, without proper cleaning and sanitation between loads. As a result, the pasteurized milk (destined to become ice cream) was contaminated by the germs in the unpasteurized milk.

Ice Cream Food SafetyThe study claims that many cases of food borne illness start with under-processed and/or unpasteurized dairy products that some people prefer to use at home. For instance, ice cream made at home may require raw egg yolks. (To learn more about how food borne illness starts and spreads, click here. To find out how to choose your food at the grocery store, click here.)

We recommend that if you're making home made ice cream, make it with pasteurized milk and/or cream, and using a pasteurized yolk product (like liquid eggs) is your best bet at home.

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