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Oyster Food Poisoning
#4: Oysters…

132 outbreaks, over 3000 illnesses reported.

Oysters, usually considered a specialty food, often carry germs like Norovirus and Vibro. When undercooked or eaten raw, these germs are ingested, giving the consumer symptoms that range from vomiting and diarrhea to red blood blisters on the skin. Consuming those Raw Oysters on the Half Shell isn’t really worth that.

Oyster Food SafetyWhat’s the best thing you can do to make oysters safe? Cook ‘em properly! (We’ve covered cooking oysters and other foods completely in our cooking pages). However, you might first want to understand how food borne illness starts and spreads, so click here! And you should know what to look for at the seafood and meat counter in your local grocery store (for that, click here).

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