Agree and Appalled!

(Houston, TX)

I have watched Food Network shows for years and I cringe every time I watch. I try to put on my "I don't see that" glasses with all the chefs because their food safety is totally lacking. I would not dare to eat any of their food. When I cook, if I so much as touch a drawer to get a utensil, I wash my hands. Wash, wash, wash! I practically use an entire roll of paper towels when I cook, especially the way I prepare/cook chicken. The other thing that bugs me is the way they NEVER wash anything before they start cutting it up or frying it or whatever!

No washing hands, no washing food, no taking food temps, they hardly ever even do a visual check of their meats such as cutting them through the middle after allowing the meat to rest, just to be sure it is cooked through. I have seen them dip spoons into foods and sauces taste it, and then use the very same spoon to do it again! I see this on Iron Chef a lot! Yuck! And then they go up to the judges and say, "Here, eat this!"

I rarely see anyone wearing protective gloves and never any hairnets. The winner of wearing gloves is often Triple D where SOME of the cooks actually mix things with their hands wearing new and good gloves!

The lack of sanitation is disturbing and presents a very bad example!! Yikes! I wish Food Network would work on this very important issue and fast.

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