I agree with you.

by Flora
(Memphis, TN)

I agree with all of your concerns! The way that I found your website was by searching to see if there was any behind the scenes information on the web about the Food Network's food preparation practices. I have never seen anyone wash any of the meats or vegetables prior to cooking or preparing them! I don't use any food item without washing it first, even products that claim to be "pre-washed". So they are exposed to food-borne and animal related contaminants as well as pesticides. I'm not a trained chef, but I feel that when cooking for my family and friends, how I prepare my food is as important as what I serve them. One thing that I must give the chefs credit for is that I've never seen anyone "double-dip" when tasting food during preparation. They immediately throw each spoon in the sink after tasting an item.



#1. When watching Triple D, it amazes me to see how many cooks all over the United States mix dishes with their bare hands WITH JEWELRY ON, ESPECIALLY RINGS!! Even when good hand-washing is practiced, there is no way to eliminate the bacteria (and anything else) that may be under a ring and in the settings of a ring.

#2. Another thing that I hate to see is SWEAT falling off of a cooks face into the food that they're preparing!

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