I disagree

Checking the temperature with a thermometer is what you do when you don"t have the skills to do it by sight and touch. The firmness of the protein easily tells you when something is at the desired temperature. I feel embarrassed for you for mentioning this. I am not going to bother to comment on the other topics but its the FoodNetwork channel not the Food-Safety channel for idiots.

If this gets posted I will be amazed.

Wash your hands and sanitize your surfaces after each use and for god sakes don't cross contaminant. If you cant check the temperature of a protein by touch and sight then use a thermometer. Don't sweat in your food! Dont be nasty! No more chicken salad killers! Allow foods to cool completely before placeing in a food storage container to refrigerate. The other persons comment on this page about if juiciness matters when cooking, yes it does! I have teeth and refined taste as well. Dry meat, nasty!

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