Montezuma Takes His Revenge On Me In Thailand!

by Bernie
(Phoenix, AZ)

On a trip to Thailand we were treated to a traditional Thai buffet at a local hotel on the way back to Pattaya Beach from Bangkok (a three hour drive).

I think now it was the sweet and sour chicken that was sitting in the warmer for God only knows how long.

Anyway as I got off the bus in Pattaya, Montezuma suddenly paid me a visit and took his revenge.

I ran to the closest hotel, checked in and spent the next 36 hours alternatively sleeping, throwing up, and having explosive..., you get the idea. I couldn't even keep down water, as I would throw it right back up.

My friends later asked, "What happened to you? Where did you go?" as I had been missing in action for a couple of days.

Even now when friends want to go to the "Buffet" for lunch my stomach turns more than a little.

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