Pond Animals

by Boona
(Ann arbor MI)

When I was 8 some college kids gave our school class some tadpoles and asked us to report on the growth progress. Mine always looked weird-but what did we know about what a tadpole was supposed to look like? Well after 3 weeks of horrible cramps and puking and diahrea the Dr heard my mom say "oh the tadpole died". He asked her to bring it in for analysis and sure enough...I had salmonella. I guess pond animals carry salmonella. I must have poked in the water and not washed my hands........So I'm more leary of turtles and frogs than of undercooked chicken!!!

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Aug 10, 2012
Great Point!
by: FS&Y Editor

Wow! So sorry!

We didn't even talk about the salmonella contamination from reptiles and other creatures! Good point!

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