Salmonella in my WHAT?????

by Danielle
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Monday morning started off as any other normal day. I woke up at 6 am to get ready for another day with my children and daycare children. I had eaten a chicken sandwich for lunch, everything seemed fine, but my the end of the day, I was feeling queasy and I was cramping quite severely. During the night, I started to vomit HORRIBLY, throwing up on average every ten minutes or so, and NOTHING took the nausea away. I spent the next day recovering from my ordeal, assuming that I had yet again caught the common "stomach flu". The following week continued without incident, but the second week came, and I started having some mild fever, pain and urgency and bleeding with urination...and THEN came the PAIN. The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before. My husband drove me to our local Emergency Department, where they quickly and efficiently diagnosed a bladder infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. They took some urine to do a culture, but likely due to a lab error no bacteria had grown from the specimen.

I was feeling remarkably better within a week or so, which was oddly a very long time for the antibiotics to work. The usual treatment for a urinary tract infection is a three day treatment, but due to the severity of the infection, they opted to give me a 7 day treatment instead. By the end of the week I felt 100% better and carried on with my usual life. But....within 2 weeks, I was sick yet again with the same symptoms and had to return to the ER. This time, the UTI returned with a vengeance, and the pain was ten times worse than it had been before, and I was sure I was going to lose my mind. This time, the doctors gave me a different kind of antibiotic and took another urine specimen for culture. Four days later, my symptoms had become even worse, so yet again, I had to return to the ER. While there, the doctor informed me that the antibiotics they had given me 4 days earlier were NOT compatible with the bacteria that the culture had grown. So my response was to ask if the culture had actually grown something this time...and the doctor`s response was: " grew SOMETHING alright!. ..we found SALMONELLA in your bladder." WHAT???????? SALMONELLA in my WHAT?? How in the world did it get in THERE? I was so incredibly confused. How in the world does one get THAT in their BLADDER?
Then, I remembered. I remembered how sick I had gotten that faithful day when I threw up all night long. I had NOT in fact had the stomach flu, but in fact had a Salmonella food poisoning, and the bacteria had made it's way into my bladder, and now was heading into my right kidney..making me sick and in A LOT of pain. This infection took a very long time to heal..and in the process taught me an important lesson...

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Jun 21, 2018
How is everyone now? NEW
by: Concerned Dad

My daughter was diagnosed yesterday and is seeing an urologist tomorrow. Any tips about what to expect? I’m just so worried.

Feb 07, 2018
by: karen

I had UTI, prescribed Macrobid and culture grew salmonella. Now placed on CIPRO

Jan 14, 2018
heal your kidneys after salmonella in bladder NEW
by: Demily

in the 80's I was diagnosed with salmonella in the bladder, got some meds and have never thought about it since.

how it got there? I do remember eating chicken in a small northern Alberta town and getting sick. Maybe I did not wash my hands as well as I needed to. I was 20 after all and invincible.

I do hope you feel better. Parsley helps the kidneys. NO POTATOES or CORN. Also 10 days on uva ursi is what helps me. I do it every spring as a preventative

drink water mineralized with trace minerals. kidneys love minerals. I had heard that one takes their body weight, divide it by 2 and that is how many ounces you need daily.

reverse osmosis water needs to be remineralized

lately, on youtube search for binaurals for kidney health. Use headphones and feel yourself heal and getting better and better and better

thank your kidneys for the blessed job they do with each piss mmmmm lol

Jun 06, 2017
Uti salmonella NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was recently told my UTI culture came back positive for salmonella. I can't find anything online about this, as it's extremely rare. After two failed antibiotics, the doctor finally prescribed me Cipro. I'm a healthy 28 year old woman so I, too am perplexed how this happened.

Mar 14, 2016
Use of the term stomach flu? NEW
by: Anonymous


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