You are correct

by Vamos

Especially sweat dripping into food they prepare. Have smoke brakes and just walk back in, to cook, visible coming in through the door and never wash hands. long hair flying all over them and just kicking the head back.

And why is every type of meat red and running blood out of it? Chicken, pork? I'd rather over cook them. Why is juicy so important in meat? Don't we have teeth?

And on another point, scenes are shown soooo fast, one can't really learn anything, and it is not fun seeing the host biting into a big runny mess.

And you are right, no gloves when touching everything? From meat, to a pinch of salt, salad, mixing rubs by hand, tasting with maybe the same spoon and dipping into same dish that will be served?

The worse is that woman on bitching kitchen, does she think she is the Fonz? Cutting everything on the same board without cleaning anything? She should be in a circus if she wants to overact, not in a kitchen.

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